Will Investment In Pepe And Dogwifhat (WIF) Bring 10x Profits By March’s End? Here’s What To Expect

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In recent days, the meme coin sector has experienced a significant uptick, influenced by Bitcoin’s skyrocketing surge as it approaches new all-time highs each week. With market sentiment becoming bullish, there’s been a noticeable increase in interest for meme coins like Pepe and dogwifhat, which have seen substantial gains, suggesting the potential for a 10x profits by month’s end. Nevertheless, investors should note that these upward trends could include slight market corrections.  

Can Pepe And WIF Prices Bring 10x Profits?

Pepe Coin and Bitcoin continue to hit new highs, even surpassing Ethereum’s performance. With Bitcoin and Pepe Coin reaching all-time highs of $73,809 and $0.00001084, respectively, Pepe Coin has surged by 60% in the past week and 800% over the last month.

This growth trend continues as it leads the trending cryptocurrencies chart. Additionally, Elon Musk’s promotion of PEPE on X has ignited significant interest, especially among meme coin traders. Following Musk’s tweet, PEPE’s price jumped over 15% in 24 hours, supported by an increase in trading volume. 

On the other hand, dogwifhat continues its upward trajectory without any significant bullish news for the meme coin. It has gained considerable attention following a significant marketing effort planned to feature dogwifhat on the Las Vegas Sphere for an entire week.

Traders are currently rallying for another wave of action in the sector, following the Dogwifhat (WIF) community’s successful fundraising of over $650,000. WIF price recorded nearly 1000% gain or a 10x profit on investment in a month, suggesting high chances of another 10x profit by the end of March along with Pepe coin.

Pepe Price Analysis

Bulls have consistently pushed and hold Pepe price above the $0.000009 resistance mark, and they’ve managed to continuously apply buying pressure to send the price toward $0.000011. However, bears strongly defend a surge near that level, creating a price correction. As of writing, Pepe price trades at $0.00000998, surging over 10.1% from yesterday’s rate.

The upward trend of the 20-day EMA along with a positive RSI indicates that the market is more likely to move higher. If buyers can maintain Pepe price over $0.00001, we could see it surge above $0.000012. This price might serve as a challenge again but overcoming it could send the PEPE/USDT pair toward new high. Conversely, bears need to drive the price below $0.0000085 to regain control.

dogwifhat (WIF) Price Analysis

Bearish activity aimed to lower WIF’s price to the $3 mark, but the day’s trading showed a strong inclination from buyers to capitalize on lower prices, as seen from the significant lower shadow on the candlestick. This has lifted WIF’s price to $3.5, achieving a notable gain of over 25% from the previous day’s valuation.

Investors are now aiming to breach the resistance at $3.5, a move that could potentially kickstart a bullish trend for the WIF/USDT pair and possibly set it on a path to new highs.

However, a note of caution is raised by the overbought condition indicated by the Relative Strength Index (RSI), suggesting the market might be due for a slight correction or at least some stabilization;.


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