This Token's Presale Catches Fire: 30+ Investors Drop 1+ ETH Each for Early Shares

A storm has taken the world of cryptocurrency. The name of this storm is SuperNova. SNV for SuperNova a token by NFTFN is changing the way the world will interact with NFTs. With sound ideas and innovation at its core, the presale of NFTFN is catching the attention of investors so much so that more than 30 investors have dropped 1+ ETH (Ethereum) for early shares.

NFT or Non-Fungible Token have become a sought-after asset to be added to investment portfolios. NFTs are called non-fungible as it is represent the ownership of digital assets, like digital art, music, or even virtual real estate properties and each token is unique. The market cap of 10 billion in 2023 shows the potential that NFTs can skyrocket. Crypto experts claim that the NFT market has the potential to hit 230 billion by 2030.

The NFTFN Presale

NFTFN dreams of a NFT market that is accessible to everyone. A dream that they are turning into a reality by introducing an NFT-based perpetual DEX, SuperNova (SVN). 

SVN allows traders to hedge their positions without any additional stress of managing individual assets. NFTFN will also provide synthetic exposure to Blue-Chip NFTs and allow speculation on their floor prices. With this innovation, they plan to enhance liquidity, improve price discovery, and uphold the integrity of the underlying NFT market by offering low-cost access to premium NFTs.

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The Super Token - SuperNova

SuperNova is an index that will give all NFT traders wide and rich exposure to the NFT market. This will reduce the impact of underperformance or volatility in any single NFT by spreading the risk across multiple NFTs. This feature will improve liquidity, and create a more inclusive and rewarding experience for all NFT participants - a market upgrade over the limitations of the traditional NFT market.

Backed by Strong Innovation

NFTFN is not only all talk. With a planned feature list it shows why investors are switching to Early NFTFN shares:


  1. Rigorous Selection Process - All NFTFN Blue-chip NFTs are selected meticulously, which has multiple filtering stages to ensure that the most valuable and high-quality projects make it to the final index.

  2. Orderbook Exchange – NFTFN will create a transparent and fair trading experience platform that makes all orders visible to the public. Information like the bid and ask lists will be readily accessible.

  3. No Slippage Fees - Users will not incur any slippage fees or any other hidden costs. All investors can sell, buy, and trade with transparency.

  4. Multi-token Margin – Introducing a vast choice of digital assets that happens with a seamless integration from a wide range of ERC-20 tokens.

  5. Up to 10x Leverage – Users can boost their trading potential by leveraging their funds with up to 10x leverage.

  6. Exposure to Multiple Blue-Chip NFTs – Exposure to a diverse portfolio of blue-chip NFTs, and access to some of the most sought-after digital assets in the world.

  7. Low Entry Barrier – An accessible price point to top-performing NFT collections.

About NFTFN:

NFTFN has cemented itself as the leading crypto platform for trading various digital assets like Blue-Chip NFTs, Crypto, and Real-World Assets. With a minimum investment threshold as low as $10, investors can easily take either long or short positions on the asset class of their choice, making it a suitable platform for traders across all levels.

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Source: This Token's Presale Catches Fire: 30+ Investors Drop 1+ ETH Each for Early Shares
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